Dr Rasika Hendahewa




  • Melanoma & Non-Melanoma skin cancer surgery
  • Skin flaps and grafts
  • Moles and other benign skin surgery
  • Thread lifting
  • Non-surgical Rhinoplasty – Thread Rhinoplasty
  • Collagen Boosting, Botox and Fillers
  • Face reshaping – Slimming
  • Platysmal Band
  • Liposuction and fat transfer


  • English

Dr. Rasika Hendahewa is a certified General Surgeon who holds significant expertise in various subspecialties within the field. Over the last 8 years, he has taken on the role of a senior consultant, showcasing his wealth of experience and leadership in the medical realm.

Dr. Hendahewa’s commitment to excellence is evident in his pursuit of advanced knowledge and skills in specialised aesthetic surgery. His journey led him to South Korea, where he had the invaluable opportunity to refine his craft under the mentorship of globally recognised experts.

Notably, he has achieved international recognition by obtaining a fellowship in Aesthetic Surgery, further solidifying his standing in the field.

Dr. Hendahewa places great importance on maintaining an approachable demeanour, fostering a welcoming environment for both colleagues and patients. His commitment extends to delivering clinical services characterised by promptness and thoroughness.

Dr. Hendahewa takes pride in ensuring that individuals under his care, as well as fellow professionals, experience not only the highest standards of medical attention but also a warm and accessible rapport that contributes to a positive healthcare experience.