Our Services

Medical Dermatology

The field of medical dermatology is a vast area with over 3000 skin diseases. Your medical dermatologist will be able to guide you in your journey of diagnosis and management. Below is some information on common skin conditions we see in our everyday dermatology practice.

Sun damage

Skin cancer

Dry skin

Scar management







Hives (urticaria)

Hair loss

Keratosis pilaris

Alopecia areata



Keloid scars

Vulval disorders



Physical Therapies

There are many nonsurgical physical therapies available for our patients to treat skin conditions or to address cosmetic concerns.
Photodynamic therapy for treatment of sundamage and superficial skin cancers Cosmetic botox Botox for axillary hyperhidrosis Iontophoresis for hand and foot hyperhidrosis Whole body phototherapy Hand foot phototherapy Platelet rich plasma for hair loss Platelet rich plasma for facial rejuvenation Platelet Rich Plasma for under eye dark circles and Acne Scars

Surgical Dermatology

Your dermatologist will determine and present to you the best option/s for the area of concern. Commonly used surgical techniques are cryosurgery, fine wire diathermy, electrodessication and curettage, skin biopsy, shave removal and excision. Sometimes a flap or graft may be required to bring the skin together after surgery.
At Renaissance dermatology routine surgery is performed for the following conditions:

Skin Cancers



Skin tags


Vitiligo (blister grafting)

Renaissance Hair Transplant Centre

Renaissance Dermatology is a comprehensive clinic for hair loss management.
As well as cutting edge medical treatment and addition of physical therapies such as PRP injections; hair transplant can be an important aspect of managing hair loss.
We are very fortunate to have Dr Pooja Sharma who is a renowned and experienced Hair Transplant Practitioner, Hair transplant is a true labour of love as it takes many long hours, technical expertise and precision in order for the grafted hair to successfully take.
We use highly experienced technicians and nurses familiar in hair transplantation procedure who form an integral part of the hair transplant team.